Back from their  TOUR of ITALY

DMG releases Sub Urban Gypsy

CD launch on 05.25.14 @ Lula World Festival


“The story of Sub Urban Gypsies starts in Bologna, with Professor Elena Lamberti. She wanted to bring Dominic’s infectious global sound to Italy, and introduce it to her colleagues at the University of Bologna. An expert in McLuhan studies, author of (“Marshall McLuhan’s Mosaic” – University of Toronto Press), she felt he was a perfect example of the world savvy musical product Canadian multiculturalism was producing. Dominic turned her invite into a nine city tour of Bologna | Florence | Rome | Pompeii | Salerno & inSicily through Marina di Modica | Delia & Palermo. Typical of his indie-artist history, he knew once in Italy, he could turn the opportunities into so much more. With his traveling musicians:  Chendy Leon percussion Paco Luviano bass Tony Zorzi guitars  Jerry Caringi B3 organ, accordion, piano and vocals; they laughed, danced, ate, and drank with their Italian hosts.


In return, they gave them musical moments that were the very essence of a world culture, breading a feeling of one world; no barriers; no divisions. Ripping through Florence, Rome, Pompeii & Salerno, the group lands in Sicily, This, the island of our forefathers, is where it all starts to become personal. Returning to Delia, his parent’s birthplace, Dominic was determined to finish what I started 20 years earlier with the National Film Board of Canada’s “Enigmatico”, an innovative look at the work and lives of Canadian artists of Italian origin.  Dominic drove the group into over drive, offering the audience a full dose of the music that garnered him a Canadian Juno and Canadian Folk Music Award for his World Music. Amazed and charged, we all felt like the distance across the Atlantic had disappeared.



The Delia show was great, but for me, the best was yet to come. Palermo was the last stop before coming home to Canada, and once again, the sub urban gypsy was on the prowl.  Palermo was crazy! Frantic!  Electric!  Everyone in the group had a feeling that something was going to happen. On a chance meeting, Dom discovered the Teatro Ditirammu, a family of minstrels, dancers, singers and puppeteers, whose history dates back to 1805. Dominic offered a concert that same evening, and they agreed to an open jam typical of wandering entertainers of the Middle Ages.  It was a perfect fit!


That final performance stopped time. No past! No future! It all converged into the moment. We were absorbed; it felt like I was in a black Goya painting. Pure euphoria!The Dominic Mancuso Group is excited to be back in T.O. debuting the Sub Urban Gypsy experience.  They’re in a sweet zone right now and we’d love to share it with you.  Please join us. Musicians to include: Tony Zorzi guitars |  Chendy Leon percussion / vocals | Paco Luviano bass John Johnson woodwinds | Jerry Caringi B3 Organ/accordion/piano /vocals  |  Dominic Mancuso vocals /guitar  &   special guests. “


Vince Mancuso

Artistic Director